Tax Strategy

Income tax is a permanent fact for legal entities and individuals, yet subject to continuous changes. Regulations are becoming more and more complex and tax obligations vary for each person.

As your tax advisor, Anaptyxiakos Kuklos focuses on each business’s and taxpayer’s individual needs.

Having accurate and up-to-date tax information is a powerful tool for the prevention of unforeseen or unpleasant circumstances.

Within the scope of the above, we offer..

  • Devising taxation plans
  • Income tax returns for individuals (E1-E2)
  • Asset / Property status statements (Property Source) and Global Income statements
  • Tax returns of Legal Entities (N, E3)
  • The prevention of Double Taxation (i.e. being taxed twice) based on contracts
  • Real estate statements (E9)
  • Tax refund statements for taxes withheld or other taxes
  • Statements of Contracts