Karavias Giorgos

In my 30-year career, my long-standing relationship with Margarita Kanakari and the company "Anaptyxiakos Kyklos" was of great assistance; it gave the company Karavias Underwriting Agency - Coverholder at Lloyd's confidence in the comprehensive and documented coverage of its needs.
Our professional relationship is excellent, valuable, and of high quality due to the partners' rapid responses and prompt service. The morals, dignity, honesty, and integrity that define Margarita as a person make her more than a professional: she is an excellent person and a dear travel companion.

Pattakos Yiannis

"30 years through the good and the bad together. We would like to thank everyone, especially Margarita, for her unwavering support over the years at Ciao Italia ".

Katerina Stini

"Support, solutions, consulting, and management were the characteristics of the service we sought when we first contacted "Development Circle." We received everything to a remarkable degree, as well as positive energy, experience, patience, new ideas, quality, and guidance from our valuable collaboration with Margarita Kanakari and her team.
Thank you very much for your support and assistance in ensuring the continued success of our activities!"

Lymperopoulos Thymios

''Anaptyxiakos Kyklos frequently assists in finding solutions to problems in the TAXI industry. He is still a priceless resource.''

Andriomenou Dina

How generously you support us, Margarita. One thank you is insufficient.

Prwtopapa Isabella

Everlasting and most reliable partners 30 years in fruitful business together Eurobend.
kind regards Isabel

Palakas Dimitris

You didn't just happen to be here; you stand out for loving what you do and providing excellent service to others. You give services with consistency, knowledge, and documentation.

Viladeris Giorgos

"It is essential to have partners who can advise and provide solutions remotely."

Anoixti Allilengyi Poli

Thank you for being so supportive of the Allilengyi structure.


To resolve property and business concerns, the family firm needs partners like Margarita and Panagiotis by its side.


Excellent professionals. Thoroughly competent, friendly, and ready to assist.

Everything a professional needs to be confident in its ability to fulfil accounting and tax obligations.

Tsoros Ioannis

"Assurance for all professionals. Continue your excellent work ".

Katsaouni Dimitroula

I have worked with Mrs. Kanakaris' "Development Circle" office for the past few years, and I consider her one of the most qualified professionals in her field. She and her coworkers are always knowledgeable about what a business may require and are always accessible to customers, responding with courtesy, expertise, and consistency. They have also served me the same efficiency during the difficult quarantine period.


You are putting into practice what has been promoted for growth and enterprise for years during a difficult period. Cheers to your future pursuits!


The long-standing partnership between your company and the Chamber of Greek-Chinese Economic Cooperation and its members, as well as the excellent services they provide, significantly contribute to the mutually profitable growth of business ties between Greek and Chinese companies.


You remained with us during the 2010 financial crisis and have continued to do so. With your ideals and values, you make invaluable partners.

Apostols Voulogkas & Vasilis Kratsas

Excellent partners. The most significant benefit of Development Circle employees is that they comprehend the customer's needs and offer solutions. Their contribution to the financing of our company through programs designed to mitigate the pandemic's effects is crucial.

Gamaris Anastasios

As a young entrepreneur, I found the office greatly helpful. The courtesy and simplicity of the language made me feel secure and confident in my business decisions. I highly endorse it!

Lazarakos Ioannis

Since 2005, working with Development Circle has always met the highest professional standards. Executives of the company are always by our side in any situation or circumstance. The Development cycle's professionalism and expertise gave us and continue to provide us with the confidence we need to move our company forward with dynamism.
Thank you for your many years of support in all areas.