Funding Development programs

Invest in projects that are already funded

The new Development Act, funding from Greece’s Recovery and Resilience Fund, and the new co-financed NSRF (i.e. National Strategic Reference Framework) initiatives for 2021-2027 can all help your firm grow. The funding process is subject to certain prerequisites. High competitiveness, higher value-added in the production base, the development of business alliances, new job positions, the integration of digital and internet choices and involvement in the “green” transition are just a few factors that contribute to the approval of your investment proposal.

We investigate the integration of your firm into a co-financed action and develop the necessary business strategy and the submission of your investment file. Lastly, we undertake the management and supervision of your investment project.
Our firm has extensive experience in developing, designing, and elaborating business plans, considerably increasing the likelihood of an approved investment proposal.

The new Development Act, Greece’s Recovery and Resilience Fund, and the NSRF fund initiatives for small and medium businesses in areas such as:

  • Digital and Technological transformation of companies
  • Competitiveness – Entrepreneurship – Innovation, “Green” transition, Upgrading your company's environmental performance
  • Agri-food, Renewable Energy sources, Logistics, Tourism and Recycling
  • Transportation infrastructure, Human Resource development & training and a fair transition to development.
  • Research and Applied Innovation, Business Extroversion, Fisheries and the Sea, New Entrepreneurship
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